Services & Programs

Through a broad array of long-standing linkages with other community and government agencies, we have empowered clients of all ages and backgrounds to address the economic and social root causes of poverty by providing:

• comprehensive case management services
• information and referral services regarding food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and various public and   private housing programs
• immigration and citizenship assistance
• emergency food pantry services
• meals on wheels
• nutrition education
• transportation services
• group and individual counseling
• translation services
• clothing, furniture, and camp scholarship assistance
• women’s support groups
• home visitations and telephone assurance
• intergenerational programs
• specialized Holocaust survivor and Nazi victim services—applications and filings, special events, and   supportive services
• community development activities and programs
In addition to providing extensive human services to thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, homeless, at-risk elderly, single-parents, and immigrants, the JCC of Canarsie also spearheads an innovative initiative that brings together the community’s elected, civic, religious, and communal leadership to address problems of mutual concern and promote civic responsibility for the area’s youth, known as Canarsie Bridges. To date, through the leadership of the Canarsie Bridges Advisory Council, we have organized a community-wide essay contest, youth leadership training, and a very popular street festival. Over 6,000 youth—with varying backgrounds—from the greater Canarsie community have been involved with the program’s activities.

We have recently begun a second initiative in Starrett City using a similar approach to bringing the community's leadership together to address areas of common concern.

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