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The Jewish Community Council of Canarsie (JCCC) is known for pouring its heart out to needy residents all year round. During this particularly difficult time- after Superstorm Sandy left thousands in the community without basic supplies- the JCCC worked even harder to see that Canarsiens got the help they needed.

Volunteers from the Yeshiva University Girls High School, in Holliswood Queens, helped distribute meals to the homebound last week. The dedicated teens also helped with recovery efforts and assisted seniors with filling out FEMA documents.

“Many of them can’t live in their home and they’re turned down by their insurance company for help,” said JCCC Executive Director, Rabbi Avrohom Hecht. “We helped a lot of displaced residents get to the Hebrew Educational Society so they could take showers and feel somewhat better in the midst of their disasters. People are losing their dignity and we just want to help give it back to them.”

With funding from the United Jewish Appeal, the JCCC was able to provide the additional services.

“One incident what was most touching was where one of our volunteers, Tamara Slabotskaya, who is a senor on a fixed income, went out and bought a large box of cookies for some of the displaced individuals, “Rabbi Hecht said. “It was a true gift from the heart that she gave with a huge smile.”

The organization also plant to help senior with the cleanup process by taking out garbage and other debris, along with recovery companies.

According to Rabbi Hecht, JCCC headquarters in Starrett City was not heavily impacted by the storm. The community just east of Canarsie didn’t experience flooding or power outages – except for a few downed trees.

Story compliments of Canarsie Courier, Thursday, November 23, 2012

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